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  • Everyone I came in contact with had an exceptional attitude

    David C. |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed January 2017)

    Everyone I came in contact with had an exceptional attitude making us feel totally comfortable and thankful that we had booked a room with you. My wife and I travel frequently and have experienced both good and not so good accommodations. Yours was very, very good. We found you quite by chance, but will definitely use your excellent facilities again when in your area. Please express my thanks to your entire staff for the terrific service they provided to us. On top of all of the above, your breakfast was simply great.


    Guest Survey (5 being best)

    Reservation process – 5  |  Check-in process – 5  |  Amenities – 5
    Room condition –  5  | Breakfast buffet – 5  |  Staff courtesy – 5
    Airport shuttle – NA

  • Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and friendly!

    Satisfied Guest |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed September 2016)

    Everyone was welcoming, helpful, and friendly! I would have loved more fresh fruit for the breakfast buffet. Thank you for an enjoyable stay!

  • The staff and rooms were terrific

    Jeff |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed August 2016)

    This was year 9 for our group of 8 people (4 rooms) and once again, the staff and rooms were terrific. You give us great value and make coming up to see the River Cats a pleasure and we are already talking about next year, our 10th anniversary. Xa remembered us from before and she is great. Many thanks to all for the pleasurable time.


    Guest Survey (5 being best)

    Reservation process – 5  |  Check-in process – 5  |  Amenities – 5
    Room condition –  5  | Breakfast buffet – NA  |  Staff courtesy – 5
    Airport shuttle – NA

  • I was really struck by how comfortable and quiet Governors Inn Hotel was.

    Mark |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed June 2016)

    It has charm and a very courteous and pleasant staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and will stay here again.

  • I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you, and your staff for helping my family in a time of need.

    James |  via Guest Survey Form (reviewed June 2016)

    We passed through Sacramento recently…we had been gone from home for about 2 weeks, and were somewhat excited to get home. My son left his stuffed animals behind in the room, only realizing it once we arrived home some 750 miles away from your hotel.

    These are not just stuffed animals to my son, they are his family. He’s had the horse since he was just a baby, and one of the bears was in fact mine from my childhood making it a good 45 years old! That particular bear has been loved by all 3 of my children. When my son misplaced those animals, it was like losing a member of his family. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it was a rough night last night, as my wife, my son and I did not sleep very well. My wife and I were worried for him, more than the stuffed animals. We feared the worst.

    Luckily, your maid Winne was kind enough to give them to the head of housekeeping, Christina, for safeguarding. She easily could have overlooked them, or thrown them away. I can only picture myself driving back down to dumpster dive for his friends.

    I also would like to thank Xa for fielding my phone calls and concerns; for sending my wife a picture with his friends which eased my son’s worries; and lastly for mailing these beloved stuffed animals back to our family.

    Thank you again, to you and your staff. You’ve earned my business, and I’ll be sure to return and will post about how well you treated my family on Tripadvisor.


  • Good Stay

    David | 4 out of 5 | Expedia (reviewed Jan 2016)

    Definitely would stay again. Helpful staff, nice room, comfortable

  • Better than you would expect.

    A verified traveler | 5 out of 5 | Expedia (reviewed Jan 2016)

    Great hotel. Very clean and large rooms. Polite staff. The location itself is not scenic but quick and easy to get to downtown, old town, and Discovery Park.

  • Wonderful spacious lovely hotele

    Isabel | 5 out of 5 | Expedia (reviewed Jan 2016)

    I found this hotel not only to be luxurious with a lovely inner setting, considering the carpeting, the spaciousness of the room, and the cleanliness, but the people who worked there were smiling, friendly, helpful, and kind. They picked me up at the car rental in little time, then the next morning delivered me at the airport. Even the driver of the shuttle was kind and friendly. I would not hesitate to return to this hotel!

  • “Great!!”

    lena b  | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed Nov 2015)

    This was our fourth time staying here and will stay here again and again…as long as we have family in Sacramento, this is where we shall stay each time!!!! Room had a refrigerator, which we prefer…it worked great.

  • “Safe place to stay”

    Sid B  | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed Jan 2016)

    The lower budget motels in Sacramento are getting pretty scary. For a little more, you have inside access to your room, which is safer, and breakfast is included. The rooms are also more spacious. Worth the upgrade.

  • “Unified Wine Stay”

    Bonarrigo | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed Jan 2016)

    The Governors Inn is reasonable, clean, has friendly staff and has a great shuttle. Couple that with free parking and I would not stay anywhere else. Staying downtown is within walking distance but the 10 minute shuttle gets you there less expensively

  • “Clean, affordable, and easy to get to.”

    Cheri95240 | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed Feb 2016)

    I love the Governors Inn and stay there every time I stay overnight in Sacramento. It is so affordable and very clean. Staff is courteous and helpful. It is easy to get to off freeway and minutes to downtown where the action is. I refer Governors to everyone I know and will be back.

  • “Excellent Service”

    38debra22 | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed March 2016)

    Great hotel with reasonable rates and parking is free. Rooms are spacious and clean. Hotel provides transportation to the train station which is adjacent to Old Town Sacramento so you can avoid the hassle and expense of parking. The staff could not have been more pleasant and accommodating.

  • “Beginning of our vacation ”

    Lynn H  | 5 of 5 stars |  From TripAdvisor (reviewed March 2016)
    We started our trip in Sacramento, this place was wonderful. We loved it so much that we will end our vacation there. The staff was great and very helpful. We arrived early and they were able to get us into a room. The complimentary breakfast was great. If you go to Sacramento try this place!

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The Governors Inn Hotel offers free parking, free continental breakfast and free airport shuttle that operates 6:30 am until 10 pm, 7 days-a-week.

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